Querying the Web

Open Source software is old hat. Now we have Open Source Cars and Open Money. We've even got Free Beer. Whatever next?

Data wants to be free is a well known expression. The Internet is packed full of data. It's bursting at the seams with the stuff. And it all wants to be free. Open Data is the next big thing.

In my presentation I'm going to be talking about how to make use of this cornucopia of information. How your applications can benefit from consuming this data and how you can benefit by being a data publisher.

Web 2.0 has made the Interactive Internet a reality, and precipitated the arrival of the semantic web. Long anticipated by Tim Berners-Lee and others, the availability of structured data, and applications that can consume it, are becoming commonplace. The Internet will be the database of the future.

XML, web-services and SOAP are some of the key-words that you are probably familiar with. Others that I'll be talking about will be new to you: S3, REST, tag clouds, Microformats, Astoria, folksonomies, JSON and EC2.

From this presentation you'll learn something about the tools and skills that you'll be needing to access the database of the future. But also, how your own databases will need to be part of it if they are to survive and thrive.