Design-oriented Web Development

There's a strange disparity in the world of web development. Nobody would disagree that designers occupy a critically important role in the development and ongoing maintenance of “static” web sites, and designer-oriented tools abound for the development of HTML pages. However, when it comes to dynamic, database-linked web applications, the entire IT industry appears to have concluded that the task is first and formost a programming task, and the numerous tools and frameworks that are available for web application development focus on the programmer. The designer is left out in the cold, unable to comprehend the resulting bewildering amalgamation of design and programming code. Ongoing maintenance of issues related to the application's design is in the hands of programmers.

Meanwhile, the stark truth is that the success of a web application is primarily determined by its design, not its programming.

John Bertoglio, a web-developer/designer by trade, will focus on the critical role of the designer in web application development and will describe how and why web development tools must (and can) keep the designer in control throughout the entire development life-cycle, instead of becoming largely redundant once the process of “scripting up” an initial design commences.