Scalable Web Architectures and Infrastructure

Other presentations made both today and earlier this week will have explored the options available to the Cache community for creating state of the art web applications. In this presentation we will explore what goes on behind the scenes in the various layers responsible for breathing life into web applications, focusing on the most important layer of all: the web server and its operating environment.

Topics to be covered include.

  • The latest developments in the leading commercial web servers.
  • Insights into the architecture of web development environments both familiar (CSP, WebLink) and perhaps not so familiar (PHP, JSP, Ruby, Perl, Python etc …).
  • Creating applications and web server configurations that perform and scale well.

Parts of this session will be reasonably technical in nature but will aim to be useful to both those responsible for administering web servers and all who just wish to gain a sympathetic understanding of how all the ‘moving parts’ of web technology fit together.